Live Streaming from Hunger Strike

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Result of 9 days of hunger Strike

Nine days without food finally did the trick. Parliamentarians and leaders from the two biggest political parties in the country came to assure Raja Jahangir Akhtar ( RJA) that an anti-corruption bill will be tabled by parliamentarians and that they will work to integrate the goal of making Pakistan a welfare state in their party manifestos.

Upon receiving this assurance, Akhtar broke his hunger strike with a glass of mango juice. Raja Jahangir Akhtar later vowed, “This is not the end. I am to go all over Pakistan to create awareness, so that one day, we can become a welfare state.”

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update of 5th day of Hunger Strike

As Raja Jahangir’s hunger strike against corruption entered its fifth day on Friday, eminent historian Mubarak Ali noted in a press release that Pakistan is facing challenges from corruption, lawlessness, terrorism, insecurity of life and property and increasing army expenditure, which deprives the common people of their basic rights.
The resources that should be spent on the provision of education and health facilities to the people of Pakistan are not being utilised on these sectors due to heavy expenditures on the military and prevailing corruption, the press release said.
Ali closed by saying that this protest comes at a time when our political parties and leaders are engaged in personal infighting and have shown little regard for public problems and deprivation, leaving the people they represent at the mercy of the elements.
Although Akthar’s blood sugar dropped 70 mmol/l on Thursday, he continued his strike on Friday and was in good spirits, interacting with a number of visitors and supporters at his camp. However, he has been forgetful, according to his doctor and some of his supporters, which is likely linked with his lack of food intake.
Around 30 members of Pakistan Youth Forum from different area of Pakistan arrived to show their support and a silent protest was also organised in Super Market, across the road from the protest camp, where supporters of the cause held a large banner and placards calling for the acceptance of Akhtar’s demands in their entirety

Friday, September 16, 2011

Update of 4th day of Hunger Strike

Blood sugar level of hunger striker Raja Jahangir Akhtar went below 70 mmol/l on Thursday.

Raja Akhtar is on ‘Hunger Strike Till Death’ since Sept 12 to press for his demands for passage of his anti-graft bill by Pakistani Parliament and establishment of a democratic welfare state.

According to his personal physician Raja Akhtar's blood pressure had also started fluctuating and he was also suffering from memory problems.

A torch bearing procession of his supporters marched from hunger strike camp to the office of national TV channel, which they complained was not covering their struggle to ‘save Pakistan and save Raja Akhtar’s life’.

A 30-member of delegation of Progressive Youth Forum, drawn from all parts of the country also met Raja Jahagnir Akhtar to express their solidarity with his cause. They also took part in the torch bearing procession.

Prominent political and civil society activists also called on Raja Akhtar to express their support and solidarity. Muhammad Hussain Gopang and Ashraf Samaa of PPP(Shaheed Bhutto),Nageen Hayaat of Women Action Forum, Mian Anwar Pasha of PML-N and local trader Muhammad Asif,a local were prominent among those who met the hunger striker on Thursday. Mr Abid Hassan Manto, President Pakistan Workers Party, will meet the hunger striker on September 18.

Electronic and print media teams remained busy preparing reports on activities at the hunger strike camp. They also interviewed Raja Akhtar and some of his supporters. Live coverage of Raja Akhtar's camp continued on his throughout the day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update of 3rd day of Hunger Strike

Prominent leader of Pakistan Peolple Party Ch Aitzaz Ahsan and renowned legal experts Athar Minallah met Raja Jahangir Akhtar
at his hunger strike camp here on Wednesday.

Raja Akhtar is on 'Hunger Strike Till Death' since September 12 to press for his demands to have an anti-graft bill passed by
Pakistan's Parlaiment and establishment of a democratic welfare state as envisioned by Quad e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other veterans
of freedom movement.

Ch Aitzaz Ahsan while talking to media persons present on the occasion said that Raja Jahangir Akhtar was a bold political worker
who had a long history of observing successful hunger strikes.He recalled that Raja Akhtar observed a successful hunger strike to force
 Musharaf regime lift curbs  on movement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry's children during the historic
lawyers movement.Athar Minallah while speaking on the ocassion supported Raja Akhtar's demands and assured the hunger striker to carry
his message to the lawyers community.

Meanwhile Mr Abdus Satar a local leader of Awami Party Pakistan ended his 24-hour token hunger strike he started on Sept in support of Raja Akhtar's
demands. A delegation of Pakistan Brohi Party also met the hunger striker to assure their support for his demands.Other prominent
political and civil society activists and student leaders who called on Raja Akhtar included Dr Farzana Bari, NSF Punjab General Secretary Ms.Alia Ameer Ali and former PTI Secretary Punjab Khwaja Saleem.

Pir Mahmood Shah, a known social activist of Green Town Wah Cant announced to go on 24-hour token hunger strike in support of Raja
Jahangir Akhtar.

A size able number of local TV channels and print media teams interviewed Raja Akhtar to highlight his decision to go on 'Hunger Strike Till Death' .

A live coverage of activities at the hunger strike camp was arranged at and his facebook
account (facebook\rajajahangirakhtar\fanpage).Though live coverage was interrupted by rain Wednesday evening,hunger strike camp managers were busy resuming the coverage for Raja's fans and supporters.

Raja Akhtar's campaign against corruption and for establishment of welfare democratic state is picking pace as his 'Hunger Strike Till Death'
will enter 4th day on Thursday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hunger Strike's Demands

Press release of second day of Hunger Strike 13 Sept 2011

'Hunger Strike Till Death' of renowned political and social activist Raja Jahangir Akhtar entered the 2nd day here on Tuesday September 13.

Raja Akhtar went on hunger strike Monday September 12 to press for his demands which include legislation of an anti-corruption bill by the Pakistan Parliament and establishment of a democratic welfare state as envisioned by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other veterans of freedom movement.

Tehreek e Insaf chairman Imran Khan who visited Raja Akhtar's hunger strike camp yesterday (Monday,September 12) announced full support of his party for legislation of anti-corruption bill and establishment of a democratic welfare state in Pakistan.

Vice President National Party Senator Mir Hasul Khan Bizenjo also assured Raja Akhtar of  his party full support for legislation of anti-corruption bill draft of which was handed over to him by the hunger striker.Senator Bizenjo assured hundreds of Akhtar's supporters who were present on the ocassion that he would try his level best to evolve a consensus of all the parliamentarians on the draft anti-corruption bill.

A number of delagations belonging to different trade unions and civil society organizations called on Raja Jahangir Akhtar today(Tuesday September 13) and assured him of their whole hear ted support for the cause for which Raja had decided to lay down his life.

Mr Abdul Sattar,President of local chapter of Awami Party Pakistan also announced 24-hour token hunger strike to express solidarity  with Raja Akhtar.Mr Sattar's hunger strike will continue till Wednesday,Septemner 14.

A number of representatives of Youth organizations also called on Raja Akhtar to express solidarity with his cause.Senator Anwar Baig and former MNA Sarwar Khan were also among those who met Raja Akhtar and announced their support.

The representatives of different trade unions and servise society organizations who met Raja Akhtar to express their solidarity included Farhat Kamal Pasha,General Secretary CDA Employees Union,Ms Farzana Bari,Mr Jamil Abbasi,Mr Fayyaz Baqir,Mr Amir Raheel and others.They also signed the banner on which Imran Khan and Senator Bazinjo had left their signatue in support of Raja Akhtar's demand.

Raja Akhtar's hunger strike camp remained heavily crowded woth his supporters till late Tuesday night.His personal physician declared him physically fit to continue his hunger strike.