Live Streaming from Hunger Strike

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update of 5th day of Hunger Strike

As Raja Jahangir’s hunger strike against corruption entered its fifth day on Friday, eminent historian Mubarak Ali noted in a press release that Pakistan is facing challenges from corruption, lawlessness, terrorism, insecurity of life and property and increasing army expenditure, which deprives the common people of their basic rights.
The resources that should be spent on the provision of education and health facilities to the people of Pakistan are not being utilised on these sectors due to heavy expenditures on the military and prevailing corruption, the press release said.
Ali closed by saying that this protest comes at a time when our political parties and leaders are engaged in personal infighting and have shown little regard for public problems and deprivation, leaving the people they represent at the mercy of the elements.
Although Akthar’s blood sugar dropped 70 mmol/l on Thursday, he continued his strike on Friday and was in good spirits, interacting with a number of visitors and supporters at his camp. However, he has been forgetful, according to his doctor and some of his supporters, which is likely linked with his lack of food intake.
Around 30 members of Pakistan Youth Forum from different area of Pakistan arrived to show their support and a silent protest was also organised in Super Market, across the road from the protest camp, where supporters of the cause held a large banner and placards calling for the acceptance of Akhtar’s demands in their entirety


  1. Why you are not updating the blog anymore?

  2. Raja Sab! You are fighting against financial corruption and THE TERRORLAND is fighting against intellectual corruption in Pakistan. We are with you!