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Friday, September 16, 2011

Update of 4th day of Hunger Strike

Blood sugar level of hunger striker Raja Jahangir Akhtar went below 70 mmol/l on Thursday.

Raja Akhtar is on ‘Hunger Strike Till Death’ since Sept 12 to press for his demands for passage of his anti-graft bill by Pakistani Parliament and establishment of a democratic welfare state.

According to his personal physician Raja Akhtar's blood pressure had also started fluctuating and he was also suffering from memory problems.

A torch bearing procession of his supporters marched from hunger strike camp to the office of national TV channel, which they complained was not covering their struggle to ‘save Pakistan and save Raja Akhtar’s life’.

A 30-member of delegation of Progressive Youth Forum, drawn from all parts of the country also met Raja Jahagnir Akhtar to express their solidarity with his cause. They also took part in the torch bearing procession.

Prominent political and civil society activists also called on Raja Akhtar to express their support and solidarity. Muhammad Hussain Gopang and Ashraf Samaa of PPP(Shaheed Bhutto),Nageen Hayaat of Women Action Forum, Mian Anwar Pasha of PML-N and local trader Muhammad Asif,a local were prominent among those who met the hunger striker on Thursday. Mr Abid Hassan Manto, President Pakistan Workers Party, will meet the hunger striker on September 18.

Electronic and print media teams remained busy preparing reports on activities at the hunger strike camp. They also interviewed Raja Akhtar and some of his supporters. Live coverage of Raja Akhtar's camp continued on his throughout the day.

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