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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

'Hunger Strike Till Death' of renowned political and social activist Raja Jahangir Akhtar entered the 2nd day here on Tuesday September 13.

Raja Akhtar went on hunger strike Monday September 12 to press for his demands which include legislation of an anti-corruption bill by the Pakistan Parliament and establishment of a democratic welfare state as envisioned by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other veterans of freedom movement.

Tehreek e Insaf chairman Imran Khan who visited Raja Akhtar's hunger strike camp yesterday (Monday,September 12) announced full support of his party for legislation of anti-corruption bill and establishment of a democratic welfare state in Pakistan.

Vice President National Party Senator Mir Hasul Khan Bizenjo also assured Raja Akhtar of  his party full support for legislation of anti-corruption bill draft of which was handed over to him by the hunger striker.Senator Bizenjo assured hundreds of Akhtar's supporters who were present on the ocassion that he would try his level best to evolve a consensus of all the parliamentarians on the draft anti-corruption bill.

A number of delagations belonging to different trade unions and civil society organizations called on Raja Jahangir Akhtar today(Tuesday September 13) and assured him of their whole hear ted support for the cause for which Raja had decided to lay down his life.

Mr Abdul Sattar,President of local chapter of Awami Party Pakistan also announced 24-hour token hunger strike to express solidarity  with Raja Akhtar.Mr Sattar's hunger strike will continue till Wednesday,Septemner 14.

A number of representatives of Youth organizations also called on Raja Akhtar to express solidarity with his cause.Senator Anwar Baig and former MNA Sarwar Khan were also among those who met Raja Akhtar and announced their support.

The representatives of different trade unions and servise society organizations who met Raja Akhtar to express their solidarity included Farhat Kamal Pasha,General Secretary CDA Employees Union,Ms Farzana Bari,Mr Jamil Abbasi,Mr Fayyaz Baqir,Mr Amir Raheel and others.They also signed the banner on which Imran Khan and Senator Bazinjo had left their signatue in support of Raja Akhtar's demand.

Raja Akhtar's hunger strike camp remained heavily crowded woth his supporters till late Tuesday night.His personal physician declared him physically fit to continue his hunger strike.

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